Crack Pies L.A.

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"I had my first taste of Crack Pies LA last night while on a business trip to San Jose. Simply amazing! I spoke with Laine about figuring out how to ship these incredible desserts to Texas, but if we can't find a way I have no issue flying back to California for another bite! Laine is so personable and friendly, which makes it even a better experience. "

- Jason Leslie

"Had my first taste last week and I can't stop thinking about it!! The light and fluffy cheesecake, the amazing cookie crust, the lemon drizzle...it truly is addicting at my first bite!! Lalaine is an awesome baker and an equally awesome person!! THANK YOU and can't wait for my next order which will be the orange ricotta cheesecake!!"

- Lorelie Kim

"Absolutely the best tasting cheesecake I have ever tasted!! So glad I can get one when the addiction kicks in!!"

                                                                                           - Helaina

"Thank you Crack Pies L.A., you have a GREAT thing going on! They are delicious, perfect for my mom's birthday, and we could not have only 1 bite!"

- Sharee Zaleski

" Love Crack Pies!!!  Thank you for the best Cheesecake ever! "

- David Zimmerman

" I'm sorry folks, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get made fun of for saying this, but CRACK PIES cheesecake is better than sex! You can have a little or a big one... it's that good people!"

- Terence

" It was March 18th that my taste buds where awaken and I had a spiritual experience!!! If Moses where around he would of added the "11th Comandment" "Thou Shall not indulge in Sinfully Delicious Crack Pie Cheesecake!!!" lol Well thank goodness he's not and we can, and as often as we can!!! OMG I've never tasted a cheesecake like this ever! It was soooooo goood!!! And I was raised in and was a baker!!! it was so amazing!! I shared it with a friend, and she almost fainted in delight lol she took the rest to her work and they all went crazy over it!!!! Thank you so much for letting me meet you to pick up your Pie, your positive attitude and faith in life is quite infectious!!! I wish you all the success as you bring your sinfully delicious cheesecake to the world!!!

- Jim Ortiz